What to Expect

For many people, this may be your first visit to a chiropractor. So please allow us to give you an outline of what to expect.

From the moment you walk into the office, you will be greeted with a smile by one our team members.

We ask that you dress comfortably for the consultation; this will make sure we can be as thorough as we can in our examination. If you have any current or prior exams such as CTs, MRIs, X-rays or other relevant test results, please bring them along to assist the Doctor in learning as much as they can regarding your condition.

Chiropractic Consultation and Examinations

Following the paperwork, you will meet with Greg or Wendy to talk about the relevant details of your health. As a way of learning what may have contributed to your problem, we may ask questions regarding previous injuries, falls, postural habits, sports, medication usage and results, repetitive stressors, etc.

Our goal is to help you find out the cause of the problem, if its something we feel we can help with we’ll continue with our examination, if its outside our expertise, we will let you know and find someone who can. Following our consultation, we will then begin our four (4) exams.

We are extensive in our initial exam to make sure we help you find the underlying cause of the problem which should take a total of 45 minutes.

  • Physical Examination
  • Structural Chiropractic Examination
  • Thermal reading Nervoscope analysis
  • Digital X-Ray Analysis (if necessary).

X-rays are sometimes needed to help diagnose certain conditions. If they are necessary, we will refer to the Moree hospital.

After your Exam

Following your first visit, Greg or Wendy will review your consultation and the four examinations to review the source of your health problems. We understand that no two conditions are the same. As such, the doctors will review a specific program of correction that is customized to you.

Our staff will then give you a folder that includes your results, as well as some information about our office.

We have built strong relationships with health care providers throughout the Moree and the surrounding towns. If we find during the examination that this is not a chiropractic case, know you will be immediately referred to a health practitioner we feel best suits your condition.