Physiotherapists and Chiropractors at Gwydir Chiropractic & Physiotherapy are qualified in assessing and treating WorkCover patients and work-related injuries. We are WorkCover NSW approved, meaning our allied health professionals are trained to treat injured workers.


  1. Present with WorkCover referral letter from your doctor prescribing physiotherapy/chiropractic treatment as well as your workers compensation claim number (which needs to be confirmed with your workers compensation insurance company). 
  2. Treatment with assigned allied health professional.
  3. Allied health professional updates case manager on recommendations.
  4. Our office will bill your insurer directly, meaning there are no out of pocket expenses to you.

For most patients seeking help after an injury this is the first time calling your insurance, getting a referral and working out what to do. If you need any assistance at any stage please feel welcome to call our team.